Our Restaurant - then and now


The buildung of L´Antica Ruota (view from the Gerbergasse) around 1900...


...and now




The buildung through the ages

Tanning had thrived as a major trade in the local area since the 16th century, and had even composed a major guild at its height. This caringly decorated buildung was a tannery until 1903, when tanning ceased as a trade in the town of Annweiler. In later years the house was converted into a shoe factory and several apartments.

The official opening of the restaurant in March 1997 marked the start of the building`s current role. There followed a complex phase of refurbishment that gradually awakened all the rooms from an century of mixed use and hibernation. In the following years ech floor was redecorated. Finally, in 2010, the third floor was finished producing the interior you see today.